25 years of marine helmet design has gone into producing the Gecko One to make it the standout against the ordinary. 

a modular helmet to adapt to different environments / conditions / requirements and preferences,

while maintaining its core principle to protect.

Gecko cut away products

The Cut Away

The Cut Away is the core of the Gecko One and is where all variants are based upon. The half cut design offers uncompromised situational awareness while offering full marine impact protection. The unique benefit of the Cut Away is the availability to add ear defenders. Which can be Passive or Active noise cancelling with or without integrated communications. Our Sea-Com can also be worn without ear defenders to accommodate our waterproof communication headsets.

The open face

The Open Face is the most common variant worn by military, coastguards and fisheries. It offers great all round protection from the elements while allowing attachments for long clear visors. To reduce the risk of bucketing the visors are designed to snap off in the event of high pressure forced upon the helmet. The sides offer two mounting points for communications and grip inserts. It also allows the fitting of the open face liner for a encompassing fit.

The full face

The Full face offers the most coverage and favoured by military and Security forces and PWC users. The large vents on the front drive air in and down to move hot air away from the visor to reduce the fogging. The visors are easy removed or changed if required. The inflatable liner also seals around the head to stop water rushing up and into the helmet and causing strain into the neck. The Full face gives that extra protection while offering the benefits of the open face mounting points and open face liner,