GRE78 and Extreme Windsurfing

Thomas “KOUS” Kousioris is a semi-professional wave windsurfer from Greece. Born in Athens in 1978, Thomas grew up around the sea and started learning to windsurf during the summer months while he was still at school, with the help of mentor, Mr. John Satratzemis.

Kous went on to further education in London and Glasgow and started the Glasgow University windsurf club where he trained with local Scottish windsurfers Martin and Big Dave, at different locations across Scotland including the North Sea, the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It was during this time that Thomas’s addiction to sailing really took traction, and his skill level soared.

Kous returned to Greece in 2001 and made his mark in the Greek windsurfing scene, where he remains today in the beautiful area of Athens. Thomas is the most recognized Greek wave sailor worldwide, best known for his trademark move the JUDAS, or one-footed table top.


2004 1st Greek wave sailor to be recognised worldwide for his trademark JUDAS move (one footed table top) featured in Boards Magazine in June 2004 that revolutionized the Greek wave sailing scene

2006 1st Greek wave sailor to be featured in the in Red Bull Storm Chase DVD

2006 1st Greek wave sailor to be featured in the European Kite and Windsurfing guide representing Greece

2006 In 2006 he created the 1st ever Greek wave windsurfing team, the wave warriors team that helped the new generation Greek windsurfers in Greece progress further and push their limits more

2010 Featured as a cover in 3S Greek windsurfing magazine in July 2010

2014 1st Greek wave sailor to be featured in the European Kite and Windsurfing guide representing Greece for 2 times in a row

Hobbies and Interests

When he’s not working (Thomas has his own business KOUSgroup) Thomas can usually be found windsurfing, practising SUP, swimming, mountain biking or training in the gym.

Thomas Kous and Gecko Head Gear

Gecko Head Gear have been supplying Thomas with his protective head gear since 2010. He wears a Gecko surf lid with custom spray job by Kevin Bambra at East Coast Airbrush. The surf lid is hand-fibreglassed at the Gecko production facility in Bude and provides incredible protection in an extremely lightweight lid. The inflatable liner creates a comfortable custom-fit for Thomas and ensures that his head is positively buoyant, just what he needs as he’s pushing the limits of his sport!

What KOUS has to say about Gecko Head Gear

“I’ve been wearing Gecko Head Gear since I’ve started windsurfing and have been testing these helmets in the roughest conditions (sea, waves, rocks, sand, equipment crashes and many more). These helmets are simply the best and it feels like not wearing one at all!!!”

Thomas’s other sponsors include KOUSgroup, Neipryde Sails, Starboard Boards.

gecko head gear blue surf helmet


gecko head gear dry duffel bag