Corky Kirkham and Wave Windsurfing

Corky Kirkham is a professional wave windsurfer from Newcastle, who’s been living on the beautiful and windy island of Fuerteventura for over 25 years. Three times British Wave Expression champion and best known for his energetic sailing style, Corky has racked up an impressive set of accolades.


Windsurfing Safaris Fuerteventura

In 2015, Corky starting offering windsurf safaris on Fuerteventura; taking intermediate to advanced windsurfers to the best sports, for the best conditions and they get to surf with Corky, to learn something from his impressive skill set! It isn’t a surf school, it’s purely windsurfing on tour to help visitors make the most of their time on Fuerteventura. For more information or to book a tour, visit the Windsurfing Safaris Fuerteventura Facebook page.

Life on Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura offers world class wind and surf, summer is the time to go for the winds. Spots like El Cotillo on the north-west corner of the island and Rocky Point on the northeast offer some of the best wave windsurf conditions. The town of Corralejo with its laid back surfy vibe lies close to Rocky Point and is a great place to base yourself for a surf break.

What Corky has to say about Gecko Head Gear

“I’ve been wearing Gecko Head Gear for some 12 years. The helmet gives insane protection from volcanic rocks here on Fuerteventura, plus I take regular knocks from my mast boom and other bits while trying new manoeuvres. The lids also protect from UV rays when sailing for long hours in hot places. Super strong, super light and the new inflatable lining is super comfortable!”

Corky Kirkham and Gecko Head Gear

Corky has been sponsored by Gecko since 2005, providing him with protective head gear that he uses in both training and competitions. Gecko hand-make the helmet and the unique spray job is taken care of by Kev Bambra at East Coast Airbrush. Corky wears a Gecko surf Helmet, constructed with a durable fibreglass shell and a grooved design to provide an excellent strength to weight ratio. The helmet is designed to protect the wearer from crashes up to speeds of 18km per hour. Other sponsors include Challenger Sails, Novenove Boards, Secreto Del Sur, East Coast Airbrush, K4 Fins and Pawn Future Kings clothing.