Gecko Head Gear are Specialist Manufacturers of Marine Helmets for Commercial Applications

Our marine helmets are used by marine service providers, offshore engineers and shipping companies to name a few

Gecko’s PAS 028 certified helmets provide greater impact absorption than a motorcycle or industrial safety helmet yet have been purpose designed for use in a marine environment, with grade 316 stainless steel studs and metalwork plus a highly buoyant inflatable liner. Our cut away helmet model allows for ear defenders to be either mounted to or worn underneath the helmet, to benefit those working in high noise environments. Gecko’s marine helmets can be used with waterproof headsets that are compatible with handheld VHF radios facilitation clear communications between colleagues.

Below are a few examples of commercial organisations who use Gecko’s marine helmets.

Harding Marine Services

Suppliers of products and services to merchant, cruise, offshore and military vessels to all European ports

M.J. Marine

M. J. Marine are a marine engineer and rebuild specialist in Yorkshire


Fugro are a provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions for large constructions, infrastructure and natural resources

Orbis Energy

Orbis Energy is an offshore renewables company overlooking the North Sea at Great Britain’s most easterly point