Maritime pilots

Gecko Head Gear are the market leaders in the Marine Safety Helmet marketplace and are specialist manufacturers of helmet for maritime pilots.

We understand the complex requirements for maritime pilot helmets, combining the impact protection of a motorcycle helmet with safety features that allow the wearer to safely land in water following a fall from height

Our PAS 028 accredited maritime pilot helmets have been purpose designed for the marine environment with 316 grade stainless steel studs and a buoyant inflatable liner. The most popular helmet choice for maritime pilots is the open face helmet, which has been extensively tested for helicopter rescues where the rescuer jumps into water from a height of ten or more meters; the chamfered helmet edge and inflatable liner work together to prevent much water from entering the helmet and the grooves in the liner allow displacement of any water that does. The retention system has enough elasticity in it to allow for some movement of the helmet as it hits the water without allowing the helmet to come off the head or injure the chin. 

Gecko marine safety helmets provide the maximum impact protection of any BSI helmet safety standard with 100 Joules of on crown impact energy absorption. The inflatable liners ensure that our helmets are warm and comfortable to wear all day as well as creating a 100% custom fit every time.

Gecko provides maritime pilot helmets to individuals and organisations all over the world, below are some examples of Gecko clients.


Columbia River Bar Pilots ensure the safety of ships, crews and cargoes crossing the treacherous Columbia River Bar, which is recognized as one of the most dangerous and challenging navigated stretches of water in the world


PD Ports provide a range of marine services including pilotage at a number of UK Ports; Teesport pilots have been issued with Gecko helmets and we look forward to the others in the group following suit in due course


Southampton is one of the UK’s busiest ports handing both commercial shipping and cruise ships. The operations are handled by Associated British Ports.


Bristol maritime and river pilots are expert and highly specialised ship handlers with extensive maritime backgrounds and experience within the Merchant Navy. They all use Gecko helmets for carrying out their pilotage duties