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Gecko Head Gear recommend pairing your Gecko communication headset with an Icom handheld radio

Icom radios are specifically designed with the marine environment in mind and we believe that their handheld VHF marine radios are among the most reliable and waterproof in the market.

Icom M25

VHF Handheld Radio

Great features mixed with style are the traits of Icom’s new IC-M25 buoyant marine VHF radio which floats and flashes when dropped into the water. Sporting an elegant slim design, this new model has the lightest body in the market for a floating VHF radio….just 220g. New for an Icom, this new radio has a tidy USB connector for convenient charging from a variety of electronic devices!

Icom M37e

VHF Handheld Radio

The IC-M37E is a buoyant marine handheld transceiver The IC-M37E is Icom’s latest buoyant marine VHF handheld radio and comes with 6 watts of output power for extended communications range. This radio has a great simple design that is comfortable to hold, simple to operate and easy to read. A perfect marine VHF radio for leisure and commercial users alike / useful; features like  700mW audio output / waterproof to IP57./Large Keys / The  drop-in charger can be powered by a mains PSU (supplied) as well as 12V on board via a USB adapter socket making charging very versatile.

Icom M73e

VHF Handheld Radio

The IC-M73EURO is a powerful marine handheld that features 6 watts high output, a long battery life and a compact ergonomic body, as well as the following features; 700mW loud audio / 6W RF output power / IPX8 advanced waterproofing / slim, hourglass Body, wide viewing angle LCD.

Icom M73 p

VHF Handheld Radio

The IC-M73PLUS builds on many of the features that made the IC-M71 the choice of many maritime professionals across the globe but also incorporates two new important features; a new voice recording function and Icom’s active noise cancelling technology. Also features; bass boost function / 700mW loud audio / 6W RF output power / IPX8 advanced waterproofing / slim, hourglass body / wide viewing angle LCD.

Icom M85e

VHF Handheld Radio

Designed with a particular emphasis on commercial use the IC-M85E is a high-class waterproof marine handheld that meets both marine and simple Private Business Radio (PBR) applications. Compact and with a robust modern construction, the IC-M85E contains critical commercial features including built-in voice scrambler ensuring private conversation and emergency features including Man down and lone worker function.

Icom M93d

VHF Handheld Radio

The IC-M93D EURO VHF/DSC handheld radio is the successor to the popular IC-M91D. Stylish and slim, this new Icom handheld contains an abundance of features including a dedicated built-in DSC receiver (meets ITU-R M.493-14 Class H DSC), internal GPS and active noise cancelling technology. In addition, an intuitive interface coupled with 2.3 inch full dot matrix high-contrast display and soft keypad makes this a comfortable and easy handportable to operate.

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