Product Spec Sheets

Gecko Head Gear first developed the open face marine safety helmet for the RNLI to fill a gap in the market for a lightweight, high-performance helmet that is suitable for use in marine environments. For twenty years the RNLI have continued to use this helmet and have helped to refine the design. Today, the Gecko open face helmet is used by numerous organisations worldwide including the Royal Air Force, Police and MOD.

Open Face Helmet Spec Sheet

The full face marine safety helmet provides complete head protection against collisions from a personal watercraft and extreme weather conditions. Designed with jet skiers and power boaters in mind, the full face helmet provides protection around the chin which is likely to take the full force of any high-speed collision.

Full Face Helmet Spec Sheet

The cut away marine safety helmet is a variation of our popular open face helmet model with the side sections of the helmet removed to allow for ear protection to be worn with the helmet. The cut away sections do not compromise on the safety of the helmet as it still meets the BSI marine safety helmet standard Pas 028:2002.

Cut Away Helmet Spec Sheet

The surf and watersports helmet was originally designed by Jeff Sacree’ for himself, so he would have something warm to wear on his head in the surf and something to protect his head from rocks hiding below the surface. The stylish lightweight helmet was quickly adopted by other surfers, and soon became an essential piece of kit for body boarders, windsurfers, kitesurfers, wakeboarders, surf kayakers and even skydivers!

Surf Helmet Spec Sheet

The Gecko Radio Communication Headset Fits Tidily Into the Ear Aperture on the Gecko Open Face, Full Face, Ballistic Helmets, to provide clear communications between colleagues on land, sea or air using handheld VHF radios. Available with one or two speakers, the radio communication headset connects to your helmet with a simple push fix attachment and can quickly and easily be added or removed as required, without requiring any tools. The Gecko radio communication headset comes with a variety of connectors that work with many different brands of radio including Icom, Motorola, Kenwood, Maxon, Vertex, Nokia and more.

Communications Spec Sheet



We supply a variety of bags to hold various amounts of helmets and gear. All our bags have been used around the world and performed really well.

Storage Bags Spec Sheet